Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Why Use an Independent Insurance Agent?

Perhaps a better question is, "Why choose an insurance agent at all?" According to some insurance companies, an agent is an unnecessary middleman who brings nothing to the transaction but added cost. Before you buy into that argument, ask yourself a few questions.

What do you really know about insurance? Not what you read in financial magazines or the newspaper, or what a friend or neighbor has told you, but the nuts and bolts of insurance. Do you fully understand why insurance exists and how it is supposed to work? Can you read and understand an insurance policy? Are you familiar with insurance law? If you are like most people, your answers to these questions is no. This is why you need an agent.

Now, why an independent agency? Independent agents are not contractually obligated to any one insurance company. By being independent, we offer you choice—tailoring price, service and coverage to fit your individual needs. By representing more than one insurance company, we have access to the finest insurance products, best coverage, and the right prices.

In today's marketplace, people are constantly trying to find the best price for product and service. Unfortunately, sometimes we forget the difference between price and value. With some products, it is fairly easy to compare the features and prices of the various models available. But how do you do that with insurance?  We have been comparing insurance companies and policies since 1931. We are a member of your community and understand your needs by sharing them.  We provide choices, personal service, and client commitment.